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Maximising learning opportunities for new arrival EAL learners in mainstream lessons- Session 3: How can EAL learners understand complex literary texts?

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This series of online professional learning sessions introduces teachers and other educators into the pedagogy of EAL and illustrates how international new arrivals who are learners of English can access the curriculum in mainstream lessons.  

In the introductory session we will look at the information about EAL learners that helps to meet their needs and at principles of good practice in the provision for EAL learners. The follow-up sessions will show examples of strategies, each focusing on a subject area and a particular aspect of developing English. Whilst it is recommended that every participant attends the introduction, the subsequent sessions can be booked according to what participants consider to be relevant for their subject area or teaching context.  

Early bird bonus

Those who book the course early can influence the content and examples by stating at the point of registration which areas of the curriculum (e.g. a specific mathematical concept or a certain literary genre or text) they find particularly difficult for EAL learners or which questions they have or problems they face with regards to the provision for their EAL learners.  

Course fee: 

Individual sessions CLAS SLA schools can book as part of their SLA or at £30. £35 for all other schools, organisations and individuals 

Full series of four sessions CLAS SLA schools can book as part of their SLA or at £100 for all four sessions. £120 for all four sessions for all other schools, organisations and individuals

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11 May 2021
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