School Level Support

NASSEA Associates offer consultancy on all areas of Ethnic Minority Achievement, equalities and diversity, to primary, secondary and special schools. Consultancy work can support senior leaders, middle leaders, EMA/ EAL coordinators, class and subject teachers, teaching assistants and specialist EMA teachers and assistants to increase the progress and engagement and raise the attainment of pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Consultancy to schools is undertaken by EMA leaders with significant experience and expertise in developing EMA work across schools.

NASSEA Associates work with Senior Leaders to establish school structures and practice to raise the attainment and increase the engagement of learners from underachieving minority ethnic groups. This includes:

  • Supporting senior leaders to analyse the attainment and progress of BME, EAL and GRT learners and to identify successes and areas for development;
  • Reviewing current provision, practice and policies for Equalities and Diversity, EAL, Community Cohesion and Equity and Excellence;
  • Working with heads of department or key stage leaders to review provision and practice and identify barriers to progress for BME, EAL and GRT learners;
    Working with EMA and EAL coordinators, teachers and assistants, to develop their roles effectively, through coaching and modelling;
  • Supporting senior and middle leaders to review provision for new arrival pupils, GRT pupils and for the management of high mobility in school and to provide advice on developing effective practice in these areas;
  • Supporting class teachers, key stages and departments to develop partnership teaching to maximize the effectiveness of EMA staffing and provision;
  • Developing short term intervention programmes and medium term class-based projects to develop strategies for increasing progress in language development and curriculum understanding;
  • Providing CPD for senior leaders and school governors to promote best practice and ensure that the school’s duties regarding equalities and cohesion are being met;
  • Providing CPD to promote subject teachers’ understanding of language and literacy within their subject;
    Providing CPD for bilingual assistants to promote the effective use of first languages and English for learning and teaching;
  • Providing CPD for teaching assistants and other support staff to promote effective working with BME, EAL and GRT pupils.
NASSEA Associates offer a range of consultancy, coaching and partnership work to raise the attainment of Minority Ethnic and EAL learners in schools. This includes:

  • Working in partnership with class and subject teachers and assistants to develop teaching and learning strategies, classroom practice and links with parents and carers to raise the attainment and increase the engagement of learners from underachieving minority ethnic groups;
  • Developing parental involvement in their children’s education;
  • Developing the roles of EMA specialist staff;
  • Developing partnership working across the school/ department.


  • Minority Ethnic Achievement Programme;
  • Secondary EAL Programme;
  • Black Children’s Achievement Programme;
  • Black Pupils’ Achievement Programme;
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement Programme;
  • Supporting children learning EAL in the Foundation Stage;
  • Learning and teaching for bilingual children in the primary years;
  • International New Arrivals programme.
The NASSEA English as an Additional Language (EAL) Assessment Framework has been made to support practitioners and their pupils.

We hope that you find it both easy to understand and helpful to use. Even if you have no previous EAL experience, you will find guidance here.

The Framework is available from our online shop.

Assessment and advice for EAL learners who may have Special Educational Needs

Identifying whether or not EAL learners have Special Educational Needs can be difficult but accurate identification is crucial in ensuring that the individual child receives appropriate support to enable them to reach their potential.

There are many reasons why EAL learners may not make expected progress at particular points in their education and when this happens, schools may need the support of specialists to find the best way forward. Most EAL learners, like most other children, will not need support from an SEN specialist: their needs will be best met through a focus on language development and using EAL strategies in the curriculum. However, some EAL learners will need SEN support as well as a focus on EAL.

NASSEA Associates offer:

  • A dual language assessment by a specialist teacher and bilingual language assistant (where the language is available) to determine the child’s level of EAL need, competence in first and additional languages and other factors influencing educational attainment and progress. Schools receive a report including guidance on supportive strategies and any further referral needed;
  • Advice on increasing progress for EAL learners who do not have special educational needs but who are achieving significantly below expectations.
Assessment and induction advice for international new arrival pupils, asylum seekers and refugees and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils

NASSEA associates include specialists in working with INA, asylum seeker, refugee and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils and their families/ carers.

Our associates offer:

  • Initial language assessment for International New Arrival EAL learners (First language and English or English-only) with a report summarising language acquisition in languages assessed and recommendations for immediate support strategies;
  • Home visit in family’s preferred language, where possible, to ascertain the pupil’s previous educational experience, language repertoire, learning style, learning, health and emotional needs and family situation;
  • Advice to your school on the induction of International New Arrival, asylum seeker, refugee or Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils;
  • CPD for staff on key issues in education for INA, asylum seeker, refugee or Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils;
  • Initial support to settle new pupils into the classroom and promote access to the curriculum and language development:
  • Specialist Teacher of EAL/ GRT pupils;
  • Specialist Bilingual Assistant;
  • Specialist EMA/ GRT assistant.
EAL learners need a clear focus on both language and curriculum learning in order to make good progress and this is more likely to be in place if they receive support from EAL specialists. The current OfSTED guidance for inspectors states that:

Specialist EAL support should be available for new arrivals from qualified teachers or teaching assistants who have received appropriate training and support.

More advanced learners of English should have continuing support in line with their varying needs as they develop competencies over time.

NASSEA associates provide classroom support for EAL learners including:

  • Specialist EAL teacher or Bilingual Language Assistant support for International New Arrivals, Early Stage Learners or Advanced Stage Learners of EAL;
  • Specialist teacher or assistant support for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils;
  • Specialist teacher or assistant support for Asylum Seeker and Refugee pupils.

NASSEA associates work alongside the class or subject teachers to provide curriculum access and a focus on language development.

NASSEA Associates provide support to school leadership teams, class and subject teachers to develop work on all aspects of equality, diversity and cohesion in education. This may include:

  • Auditing, action planning and evaluation of equalities work;
  • CPD on equality, diversity and cohesion in education;
  • CPD on developing aspects of equalities work in the curriculum;
  • CPD on developing work for an equalities or cohesion award;
  • Projects, theme weeks and days to promote cohesion and understanding of diversity;
  • Partnership work with class and subject teachers and curriculum leaders to develop specific aspects of equality, diversity and cohesion;
  • Recording and reporting racist incidents in school;
  • Responding effectively to racist incidents in school;
  • Support for work towards equalities or cohesion awards.

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