Topic Boxes


Topic boxes

Resources to support language, literacy and cultural development across the curriculum. Each pack contains a comprehensive range of resources for whole class learning and specific resources to support EAL learners’ curriculum access and language development in the classroom.

Illustrative content:

Fiction and non-fiction book

Knowledge organiser

Collaborative activities to support content knowledge and related language development

Quick quiz

Vocabulary development activities

Visuals or artefacts to support subject knowledge

Ideas for developing shared experiences

List of recommended books for the topic and age group

Oracy activities to support language and literacy development and subject knowledge

Ideas for learning in music, art and design linked to the topic

Other cross-curricular links

Multilingual materials to support access for early stage EAL learners

Links for parent/carer support materials

Model text for reading and writing

Text-linked grammar focus

Grammar development activities

Comprehension activities

Activities on wider perspectives: elsewhere in the world, different points of view on the topic, other voices

Teacher notes

Titles currently available:

World War 2: Year 5 and 6          Woodland mammals: Year 2

World War 1: Year 5 and 6          Stone Age: Year 3 and 4

The Vikings: Year 3 and 4             The Rainforest: Year 4

Pirates: Early Years

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