Our History

NASSEA was established as a professional organisation in 1989, to represent northern services and teams of staff focusing on Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA). The Professional Association continues to have members from Local Authority services and teams across the North of England, as well as newer members from other parts of the country. Member services work with schools and other educational settings in a variety of ways to meet the needs of ethnic minority pupils. Structures for the delivery of these services range from advisory support and peripatetic services in rural settings to school-based teams in urban areas.

In 2010, NASSEA Ltd was established as a not-for-profit consultancy service to schools, Local Authorities and educational organisations. The company continues the work begun by the professional association over 30 years ago, promoting best practice in teaching and learning for EAL learners and pupils from minority ethnic communities, developing and leading professional learning and working to remove barriers to educational success and social inclusion.

As an organisation, NASSEA acts as a forum for information sharing, mutual support and discussion of issues affecting our field of work. NASSEA has helped to develop pedagogies for English as an additional language (EAL) and bilingual support, developed professional development initiatives and contributed to national consultation exercises. We also regularly organise conferences and seminars to support EAL and Equalities and Inclusion specialists, schools, teachers and teaching assistants to develop aspects of this work in schools. NASSEA specialises in bespoke professional learning for education practitioners and for schools with EAL and bilingual learners across the world. Our classroom and school resources support teachers to implement the curriculum, scaffolding language and learning and promoting strong, diverse communities.

Membership of the Professional Association is available to representatives of Local Authorities who work in the areas of EAL and Race Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, focusing on minority ethnic pupils and communities, including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils. Services pay an annual subscription and send representatives to meetings, which are usually held once each term. Representatives are mostly senior managers, advisory teachers or officers but can be other service members. Members who were formerly the lead for EAL/EMA/GRT in their LA can also retain or renew their membership as independent members.