EAL Assessment Framework

The Framework is a cross-curricular tool which helps practitioners to observe, document and accelerate the ways bilingual pupils start to use English as a tool for learning in school, then continue to develop their use of English through all their subject areas.

It describes the development of communicative behaviour in class and language for learning through listening, speaking, reading and writing. It also includes some aspects of personal development likely to be significant for bilingual learners, such as readiness to speak to others in the classroom.

It is important to note that the framework is not a tool to be used to assess other languages the pupil may speak. NASSEA supports the continuing use and development of pupils’ other languages, and reference is made to using skills in these languages, but this tool is only for assessing English as an Additional Language.

The Framework has been developed to help practitioners to become more aware of the progress of their EAL learners through formative assessment.

The NASSEA EAL Assessment Framework has been made to support practitioners and their pupils. This highly popular and effective tool is easy to use for mainstream teachers and specialist EAL staff alike.

Even if you have no previous EAL experience, our Framework will help you track pupil progress, set appropriate targets and accelerate learning.

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