Community Cohesion

  • Young People and Community Cohesion

    Analysis from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE) [DFE-RR033, Sept 2010]. See document

  • Schools are the ideal place to debate 'Britishness'. So why water down their duty to forge community cohesion?

    Published in The TES on 11 March, 2011 | By: Keith Ajegbo Read article

  • Schools Linking Project

    The schools linking programme brings together two classes from demographically diverse primary schools. Visit site

  • How can schools contribute towards community cohesion?

    The OfSTED Inspectors’ Guidance outlines the key areas of community cohesion schools need to cover: Visit site

  • Supplementary Guidance and Resources for Inspectors

    The guidance explains how every school will make an important but different contribution to community cohesion, depending on a range of factors including the nature of the school’s population and the location of the school.Broadly, a school’s contribution to community cohesion can be grouped under the three following headings:
    Teaching, learning and curriculum
    Helping pupils to learn to understand others, to value diversity whilst also promoting shared values, to promote awareness of human rights and to apply and defend them, and to develop the skills of participation and responsible action.
    Equity and excellence
    To ensure equal opportunities for all to succeed at the highest level possible, striving to remove barriers to access and participation in learning and wider activities and working to eliminate variations in outcomes for different groups.
    Engagement and extended services
    To provide reasonable means for children, young people, their friends and families to interact with people from different backgrounds and build positive relations: including links with different schools and communities and the provision of extended services with opportunities for pupils, families and the wider community to take part in activities and receive services which build positive interaction and achievement for all groups. Visit site